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Preventing Falls: Home Adjustments To Make

A large number of the people who fall throughout the year are elderly. If someone you care deeply for has already suffered a fall this year, you're probably wondering whether they can be helped to avoid any more serious falls. Adjustments must be made; if you haven't a clue where to start, consider these changes.

Remove Rugs

One easy move that will increase safety is to take up any rug that isn't securely attached to the floor. Bath mats, wells rugs and other similar materials can easily move under pressure and cause slipping or wrinkle and cause tripping. If you are concerned about the hard surface of your loved one's floors, you can explore carpet options.

Get a Wide Walk-In

Taking baths is a natural and necessary part of a daily routine, especially as one becomes older. If your loved one has already been hurt by a fall, they may find it harder than ever to step up and over into a traditional tub. In fact, the move could be rather risky. To save them the trouble, consider acquiring a wide walk-in instead.

Wide walk-ins provide more freedom of movement and safety. With a large swing door, they can simply walk into the structure and run their warm water. This is especially comfortable for people with ambulation issues and painful limbs; even those using wheelchairs can use them without much effort because the door provides a wide walk-ion entrance. Such bathtubs can also offer your loved one much more privacy, as they won't have to ask for help navigating the area.

Arrange Frequent Home Cleaning

Even if you've always known your loved one to take care of their home and clean it well, as they're aging it's not easy to keep up with housework. This relates to falls because cleaning floors and other housework can be difficult and sometimes falls result. In addition, various obstacles can make elderly people trip as they walk around. A pile of clothing on the bedroom floor may seem like a minor issue, but should your loved one misstep, they could fall.

Arrange house cleanings for them, whether you do the work or pay a professional service. The cleaner can handle strenuous household tasks and remove obstacles, such as clothing and cords.

With these prevention ideas, your efforts to transform a loved one's house into a safer, less accident-prone space will work. Seek out more safety-related tips from professionals like contractors and retailers too. Contact a company like Boca Walk-In Tubs for more help.