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5 Great Summer Job Opportunities For Those With Little Work Experience

Do you work in a job that is slow during the summer? Are you a teacher or a college student? Do you just want an extra job to make a little cash this summer? There are lots of great seasonal summer jobs you can apply for that will allow you to earn some extra cash and gain some valuable experience.

#1 Construction Job

The construction industry experiences a growth of general labor jobs during the summer months. If you don't have any experience, you will start as a "laborer" which is generally the lowest level position within a construction-based job. There are lots of opportunities for summer jobs in various fields of construction. As a carpentry laborer, you'll learn basic carpentry skills and do a lot of the clean-up on the job site. As a general construction laborer, you could work on residential or industrial job sites by helping with hands-on tasks such as framing the house, installing drywall, and remodeling kitchens. You can be exposed to lots of various sub-industries in the construction world as a general construction laborer, which is great if you think you may like to later pursue a job in the construction industry.

You could also get hired by a landscaping company, painting company, floor and tile installation company, or a roofing company. Both residential, commercial, and road construction explodes during the summer months, providing lots of opportunities for summer jobs if you are willing to engage in physical labor.  

#2 Golf Caddy

If you like to golf, consider become a golf caddy. Golf caddies are often paid by the hour by the golf course and tipped by the golfers who employ their services, allowing one to make a high rate per hour at the end of the day. Plus, as a golf caddy, you are usually allowed some access to the golf course to work on your own game. Most golf courses, both public and private, employ caddies during the summer.

#3 Childcare

There are so many jobs related to childcare that are available in the summertime. You can be a summer nanny and work for a specific family, a daytime camp counselor for your local YMCA or other organizations that offer summer camp, or an overnight counselor at one of the many overnight camps in the United States. When it comes to being a camp counselor, keep in mind that all sorts of camps for all age groups run during the summertime, from nature camps to sports camps to science camps.

If you have an education in childhood development or childcare experience, you could be more than a camp counselor. You could help manage or run the camp as well. Moving up to management can allow you to bring in more money with this summer job.

#4 Outdoor Guide

In the summer, people love to get outdoors, regardless of experience level. There are so many opportunities to work for guide groups in the summer. You could work for a river rafting company, or you could lead hikers through a specific nearby trail. There are lots of different outdoor companies who hire experienced guides for the summer, so if you have an outdoor-based passion, this could be a good job for you.

#5 Summer Restaurant

There are certain restaurants that do a booming business in the summer, such as restaurants with outside patios, restaurants in resort or vacation towns, and restaurants located near bodies of water. If you have experience as a waitress, hostess, kitchen worker, or bartender, you may be able to find a job in a restaurant that hires seasonal workers.

These five ideas are only a starting point. There are lots of other industries that see upticks in business during the summer. Think about your passions and interests and try to find a summer job that aligns with them.