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Do Propane Tanks Last Forever?

Propane is a special type of fuel that can be stored in a pressurized tank. This makes it easy to store and transport. When you purchase propane tanks, its important to make sure that you use them completely because they will eventually expire. However, you usually have a long time before the propane expiration date arrives.

How Often Should I Inspect a Propane Tank?

A propane tank is expected to last for 12 years. After the 12 years have passed, you have the option of either having the propane tank replaced or having it inspected and recertified to last another five years. Fortunately, you can find the expiration date stamped on the collar of the tank. There is also a weight rating, which you shouldn't confuse with the expiration date. 

Why are Propane Tanks So Secure?

The propane tanks last a long time because they are fully sealed so that moisture cannot enter. Therefore, rust is not a concern. The tank is galvanized, so the rust won't develop very quickly on the exterior as long as the tank is stored in a dry place. Tanks that are made out of aluminum cannot rust at all.

The valves and fittings used with the propane tanks must meet the highest standards. Using copper tubing or piping instead of a rubber hose ensures that this component of the propane tank doesn't perish. However, even when a propane tank is designed perfectly, mistakes might happen. The tank might be damaged for some reason. It might be stored in a location that is too hot. The tank may also have had a manufacturing defect initially. For this reason, routine propane inspection is necessary.

Can I Have Someone Else Refill My Tanks?

With the help of a propane supply company, you'll be able to have a fresh supply of propane delivered to your home and have the propane replaced for you. Look up the container laws for your state to figure out who is legally allowed to fill up your propane tank. If you want to avoid that hassle, you can hire a propane supply company to do it for you.

Will the Propane Go Bad?

The great news about propane itself is that it never goes bad because there is no natural process that causes it to degrade. Therefore, if you can have the propane transferred into a new tank, you'll be able to use the propane decades from now.

For more information, contact a company like Apollo Propane Inc.