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How Many Portable Restrooms Should You Lease For Your Event

If you're hosting a big event, and the permanent restrooms in the facility can't handle a large number of attendees, consider portable restrooms. These mobile restrooms are ideal for concerts, construction sites, outdoor events, or large weddings.

Whether you want standard portable restrooms or portable VIP toilets, you need to know the correct number of restrooms to have on-site. Numerous factors determine the number of portable toilets you should lease for your event. The location, catering provisions, and the number of expected guests directly influence the number of portable restrooms you need. Here are other factors that determine the number of portable restrooms you should rent.

Will You Serve Food?

If you're hosting a luncheon or a big wedding, chances are that you're serving food. If your guests partake of food and beverages, you need to have more restrooms. When you provide food, you can expect the demand for restroom services to rise. You should consult portable restrooms rentals or your local health department to get an idea of the number of restrooms you should provide. Essentially, these restrooms should be positioned away from the food stations.

You're Serving Alcoholic Drinks

If you serve alcohol in your wedding or corporate gala event, your guests will need restroom services more than ever. Alcohol consumption increases the need for your guests to use restrooms. If you want the participants to stay longer in your event, you must provide portable restrooms and position them strategically. Your guests won't want to wait in line for long hours or wait to get home to access their private bathrooms. When you provide portable toilets, they will relax knowing they can access quality sanitary services until your event finalizes.

Are There Permanent Restrooms On-Site?

If you're hosting an event in a location with limited restroom facilities, portable restrooms offer cost-effective and convenient solutions. You should check whether there are enough restrooms that can complement your portable toilets. If the on-site restrooms don't match the quality of restroom services that portable alternatives can offer, consider adding more restrooms. If the permanent restrooms are too far from your event area, you should hire additional restrooms to enhance convenience.

Who's Attending Your Event?

When planning your event, you should consider the guest list. If you'll have more kids attending the party, they might not have the same needs as adults and senior citizens. If you have more guests with special needs, ensure you have many portable restrooms that comply with special regulations and disabled access codes.

If you need quality sanitation for your event, call portable restrooms rentals in your area.