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The Differences Between TV Display Types

Are you shopping around for a new TV, but feel confused about the different display types? All TVs are not created equally, which is why you'll want to know the main differences between them.

Edge LED TVs

The TVs you'll find on the low end of the spectrum in terms of image quality are edge LED TVs. What makes this TV so different and affordable is the way that the image is illuminated by the backlight. An edge LED TV only has light sources around the edge of the screen, and those lights are projected inward to light up the picture that you are viewing.

The main benefit of an edge LED is the cost, since it uses a much smaller light array with fewer lights. However, the downside will be the image quality. Edge LED TVs are known for having a picture that looks more washed out, which is because the light source is not evenly spread across the entire image. Black parts of the screen, especially around the edge of the screen, are going to appear gray. 

While an edge LED TV may be acceptable for a TV that is going into a secondary room that is not used that often for watching TV, you may want something better as your primary TV.

Direct LED TVs

A direct LED TV is going to have a light array in a grid behind the entire image. This allows the TV to have more control over the brightness of the screen in various parts since individual lights can be dimmed to accommodate for black levels. The picture is going to be more vivid as a result of a better contrast ratio, giving the appearance of a much clearer picture. 

Direct LED TVs also come in different tiers, with a more high-end TV having more lights behind the screen. This means that the picture quality can vary depending on how much money you want to spend on a TV. The high-end direct LED TVs often rival their OLED counterparts. 


An OLED TV is unique because each individual pixel has its own light source. This allows the pixel to turn off completely when the image is black, giving you a much better contrast ratio than you will get with any other TV. The main disadvantage of an OLED is the price since it is going to be more expensive than a direct LED TV when comparing a similar size. However, the picture quality can be fantastic, with consistent black levels that make 4K HDR programming really shine. 

Many brands offer different types of displays such as a Supersonic 32 in LED widescreen TV.