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A Quick Rundown Of The Cartilage Piercing Process

Cartilage piercings are a type of body modification that involves piercing the thin, hard tissue located at the top part of the ear. These piercings can be incredibly versatile, allowing you to choose multiple placement options on the ear and various jewelry designs.

To learn more about cartilage piercing, here's a breakdown of the process and what to expect.

What Are the Different Types of Cartilage Piercing?

A cartilage piercing can be placed in various areas of the ear. For example, the most popular type of cartilage piercing is the helix, which is located on the upper part of the ear. This piercing is often done in pairs on either side of the ear. And since the helix is a curved area, jewelry typically used for this spot includes studs, hoops, and barbells.

Other popular types include tragus piercings, which are placed through the small flap of cartilage that is located in front of the ear canal. These piercings are often done using curved barbells and clicker rings. Daith piercings, which are a type of inner cartilage piercing, use barbells or circular barbells. Conch piercings, which are located in the middle of the ear, usually use studs.

Depending on what type of piercing you want, your jewelry choices may vary. But the general rule is to ensure that the jewelry fits comfortably, securely, and safely in your ear.

How to Take Care of Cartilage Piercing?

Proper aftercare is an essential part of the cartilage piercing journey. It's important to keep your ears clean and free from infection, so make sure to follow your piercer's instructions on how to properly clean and care for your piercing. This includes cleaning the area with a saline solution or an antibacterial soap twice a day, preferably after showering or swimming.

Additionally, avoid excessive touching of the area, as this can cause bacteria to enter the piercing site and lead to infection. Make sure you also keep your hands clean before touching the area and use only clean, fresh bedding when sleeping.

Avoid changing or switching out your piercing jewelry until the area has completely healed. The healing process typically takes a couple of weeks, but it can take longer, depending on your body's healing capabilities. Once the area has healed, you can then change out your jewelry with something new and stylish.

Cartilage piercing is a great way to express yourself and add style to your look. Make sure you follow the proper aftercare guidelines for a successful healing process. With the right jewelry, placement, and care routine, you can enjoy your new piercing with confidence!